Sunday, September 02, 2007

hard to find vol 6 by s-rock

new underground mix....

new link:

Part1 :

-doo woop
-pride n’ joy
-lyric lords
-baba kidz
-raw material
-date of birth
-swing kidz
-larry larr
-bosco money
-wizard of rap
-funke native
-mc evil


-draztick mesurz
-rapmaster rob
-baba kidz
-flatbush native
-marty cash
-kish rmx
-rough luxury crew
-raw aproach
-circle of power
-larry larr

Monday, March 26, 2007

from 10 am til infinity

a long hours mix hosted by wintell and calhoun mixed live and direct one shot no mp3 only recordz by calhoun

here's the linx part 1 part 2 part 3

here's the traxlist :

Mf grimm : crumbsnatchers
Raw breed : rabbit stew
3rd bass : daddy rich in the land of 1210
House of pain : put your head out
Nice and smooth : cash in my hands
Lord az : gotsta be buckwild
Funkdoobiest : freak mode
Down south : down south
Andreas 13 : the bues
Rumpeltilskinz : mushroom talk
World renown : how nice I am
The hansoul project : that’s life
Tongues in da attic : boom data
Crustified dibbs : fuck in the ass
Prime minister pete nice and daddy rich : rat bastard
Blvd boyz : off da head
Legion of dume : son’s of sam
Jaz b latin : check your system
Onyx : most def
Justice system : dedication to bambaata
Ubad : the legacy
T-roc : mirages
Law : phat stixxx
Blaque spurm : pack ya shit
Organized confusion : bring it on
Common : resurrection
Fat joe : watch the sound
Rottin razkals : a-yo
Kaotic style : stick up
The nonce : checkbook
O.C : ga head

Pause repas

Heltah skeltah : operation lockdown
Az : mo money mo murder mo homicide
Punk Barbrians : LI zone
Hyenas in the desert : other side of midnight
Daddy lord c : les jaloux
Time bomb allstars : time bomb explose
La cliqua : tue dans la rue
Supreme NTM : est-ce la vie ou moi
Les sages poetes de la rue : qu’est qui marcher les sages
Fabe : des durs des boss des donbis
113 : truc de fou
Constellation : for all the heads
Melquan: krunchtime
Shanow : remedy man
Dredknotz : concentration
Lodd manifest : slumplord
Black poet : the hand that rob’s the cradle
Chuck D : sticka
The mental I : bring it
The nonce : keep it on yawl
Illcrook : illcrook
Most desh : hip-hop is livin
Tribal men : watch me blow
Deda : understand
Fourfiths : earth wind fire
Nas : the world is yours
Lil fame : the hill that’s real
Strickly roots : beg no friends
Brotha life : the wreck’a
K west dam add ladd : blasé blah
Ill brothers : funky dope manoeuvre
Madpack : six souls singin
Mother superia : most of all
Brand Nubian : step in da cipher
Mcgruff : creep
Ra the rugged man : hated by everyone freestyle
Ground floor : dig on that
3rd degrees : better days
Smiff-n-wessun : hallucinations
Keith murray : this dat shit
Mack 10 : Westside slaughterhouse
Crime danch cartel : money is the key
Mob deep : peer pressure
The arsonist : the session
Yoyo : ibwin wit my crewin
Slomo : ghetto jedi
Mob deep drop a gem on ‘em
Darcsyde : queens stand strong
O.C and showbiz : showtime
Homeless derilex : cash money
Bored stiff : peaceful rotation
Ig off and hazardous : this ain’t livin
The dungeon squad : 5 elementz
Othorized fam : shine
Camp lo : coolie high
Lootpack : why do we go out like that
Channel live : sex for the sport
Kay : maintain and built
The wascalz : imaginate
Example : recollect
Ruggedness maddrama : me and my squad
Mob deep : can’t get enough of it
Brotherhood : mad headz
P force cipher : me du neter
Madman shawn : walk thru hell
Cocoa brovaz : Spanish harlem
De la soul in the woods
A tribe called quest : stressed out
The cenobites : mommy
Rasco : run the line
Hi-tech : book of life
Da nabahood threat : off witcha head
Scotti d : got ya heads boppin
The high and mighty : it’s all for you
Originoo gunn clappaz : hurricane starang
Darkman : is u now playing
Kapone : who’s blowing up far rockaway
Frankenstein : combine with Frankenstein
Kaotic style : bro 2 bro
De la soul : the bizness
word is bond remix instrumental
All star line up freestyle

Saturday, March 03, 2007

christmas special mix hosted by chris "mannschaft" from karlsruhe-kehl

bad day bad mix bad music bad scratches bad dj bad santa claus bad christmas bad gift bad sound quality bad underground

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Hard to find vol5.

part1 :

-chase and destroy.


-da naba hood threat

-soul party

-armed & dangerous


-corners 2 corner


-da beat terrorist feat syndicate east

-da funk


-steady b


-ruff rugged and raw

-mad drauma

Part 2:

-low end

-olori rock

-the art of origin


-lord ishawn and the Bronx outlaws

-interlude precise and the boys part1


-operation doomsday.


-da henshmen

-interlude precise and the boys part 2


-x-tra pleza

-dance with the devil

-interlude precise and the boys part 3

-5 star grew


Thursday, November 02, 2006

hard to find volume 4 by s-rock!!!!!!!

that's the new chapter of this series dedicated to the mid 90' underground hip hop....

click here to dowload

1. d.o.i
2.public anousa
3.blaze da golden
4.lost cause
5.interlude-killa kidz freestyle.
9.trybal men.
10.interlude freestyle big l.
11.misfits of madness.
13.killa kidz.
15.interlude freestyle scientifik.
17.wize eyes

Monday, October 16, 2006

european mix by s-rock

that's my new mix.... with artist from all the europe....enjoy
click here for dowload

-accion sanchez (spain)
-sherlock (deutchland)
-evil ed (u.k)
-d-abuz (french)
-chester p (u.k)
-lewis parker (u.k)
-plc feat task force (u.k)
-kobra (switzerland)
-113 (french)
-plc (u.k)
-3;6 philly (u.k)
-y ahora k (spain)
-sleo (french)
-task force (u.k)
-ideal j (french)
-kc da rookie (deutchland)
-jehst (u.k)
-meurso et fono (french)
-beat de boul (french)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

special godfather don by s-rock


A creative force within New York City's underground hip-hop scene, Godfather Don first appeared in 1991 with Hazardous, released on the Select imprint. The album established the Godfather as an MC influenced by the blatant, hard-hitting style of Chuck D. A few years later, the Don appeared on and produced the Ultramagnetic MC's' Four Horsemen, which led to a collaboration with that group's standout, Kool Keith. The Cenobites EP was issued on Fondle 'Em Records, which was started by New York b-boy, DJ, and man about town Bobbito Garcia. The material on the EP had originally been recorded as gags or promos for Garcia's underground hip-hop radio show on New York's WKCR. The Cenobites EP was then reissued by Fondle 'Em as a full-length LP. Throughout the 1990s, Godfather Don continued to work as a producer, working on tracks from Kool Keith, Hostyle, and Ayatollah, among others. In 1999, he released his second album, Diabolique, on which his flow was very similar to the bludgeoning raps of his 1991 debut. The album included cameo appearances from Kool Keith and Sir Menelik, and appeared on the Hydra Entertainment imprint, for which Godfather Don continued to record, releasing several 12" singles in 1999, 2000, and 2001. ~ Johnny Loftus.

special godfather don mix by s-rock


-lex lugor
-rabbit stew (feat raw breed)
-style by the gram
-seed of hate
-mc assault
-you know the name (feat hostyle)
-fondle em fossils
-life ain't the same